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Molly O'Neill

Finding Savings in IT

CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government Fellow Molly O’Neill provided her thoughts on reducing costs using information technology as part of the Initiative’s ongoing video series focused on Tackling the Budget Cut Challenge. In the video Finding Savings in IT, O’Neill discusses key topics such as data center consolidation, server optimization, and cloud computing as ways for agencies to reduce costs. Additionally, she talks about the benefits of shared services including speed and potential cost savings.

“There’s an opportunity now to take a pause and ask ‘how can I optimize the existing infrastructure to reduce costs’,” she said. “It’s not something that was intentional within government, just like it’s not in the private sector. It’s just the nature of how technology has been implemented and how it’s grown over the last few years.”

O’Neill served as the former Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As the CIO at EPA, she was responsible for establishing an innovation center of excellence that advanced the creation, management and use of information as a strategic resource at EPA.

Watch the video here

This article is part of the CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government’s ongoing series Tackling the Budget Cut Challenge. For more, click here.

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